Assembly & Integration

Reliant Industrial has been founded based on an integrated manufacture. We combine multi-production services and offer optimized products fabrication. Our strength lies in our possibility to produce plastic and metal parts and then assemble those parts through our multiple assembling lines all within a unique factory.

Our digital system monitors the entire process from assembly and control to packaging. Our qualified team planned the assembly lines according to the production time of every parts composing the final product. We control the quality and the delivery time instantly without relying on any unnecessary intermediary.

Our modular assembling lines are flexible and capable of realizing from simple to elaborated sub-assembling projects. We adjust our manufacturing assembly line instantly according to our plastic and metal component status.

Manufacturing assembly and integration service are designed at the very beginning of every product project. To ensure optimal process, our engineers will take into consideration every factor to incorporate adequate assembly solution for every development. Our knowledge and experience are keys to deliver a smooth and efficient production experience. Our expertise will definitely save logistics costs, quality control and production time.

The assembly service is unbounded as we can work with integration of components, supplies or other accessories. Being based in Asia allowed us to build a large network of serious suppliers that you can obviously access and benefit. Eventually, your own components or other parts from different partners to our factory can as well be integrated in our assembly procedure.

During the assembling process, we execute several quality controls to maintain high finishing level. We strictly follow any specific requirements and operates the needed quality control in our working area. Our main strength lies in the centralization of the entire production process: Production, Assembly, Quality control and Packaging all performed in one single supplier.

Our Assembly Solutions

Plastic parts Assembly solutions

Glue Assembly

This process can be done either automatically or manually deposited by qualified staff. One advantage we can provide you is to perform waterproof and leak-checks once the assembly is effective.

Mechanical Assembly:

It’s mainly adding external metallic component to the existing plastic part which will be mounted on the product. Those mechanical parts once assembled cannot be disassociated with the product. Mechanical assembly is common to add components like nuts, screws, rivets, clips, etc…

Ultrasound Assembly

Ultrasound Assembly is a welding technique which is convenient and cost effective. It will allow you weld quickly two parts thanks to a welding head.

Metal parts Assembly solutions

Welding Assembly

This welding technique can be performed either automatically with our welding robot (with rotated axis) or manually with our professional welders. Welding is a common and easy process to rigidly assemble components.

Our sub-assembly production and integration

Our factory is capable to perform precise sub-assembly and integration. We are able to supply metal parts or components which will be produced in our metal workshop in order to integrate it later on. You can also rely on our experienced sourcing team and purchasing office that can follow closely your BOM (Bill of Materials) to procure all the necessary resources for your project. Feel free to also ship out your own elements so we can complete the existing works and turn it into a finalized manufactured product.

Our manufacturing assembly projects/works

Pls find below some illustrations of assembled and integrated manufactures produced by RELIANT INDUSTRIAL. With our capacity of production and our expertise through several different sectors, we are your perfect partner for assembly projects. Reliant Industrial is a competitive solution as well as an efficient supply chain.