Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it reliable to produce in China?
There is always a risk when you work with a new supplier whether it is in China or any part of the world. Reliant Industrial has developed its activities through trust and relation building. We hold by strict confidentiality rules, because we believe that it is in our interest to protect our customer ideas. We value our customer bond and thus focus all our energy to provide qualitative products with on-time deliveries and overall a transparent communication. It is primordial to choose the right partner.
Can you manufacture samples or guide us with prototyping technologies?
We recommend producing several versions of prototype samples before the launch of a new tooling. It will help you to validate several aspects such as materials, functionality, life cycles… Our Rapid Prototyping workshop proposes several technologies for fast production with controlled costs. Our team will guide and help you to choose the most adequate prototyping solution taking into account all your parameters.
How long does it take to manufacture a tooling?
From the confirmation of the 3D design until the first trial in real conditions, it usually takes from 3 to 6 weeks depending on different parameters such as product design, complexity, tooling material.
What is the maximum size of the parts you can fabricate?
Considering our actual machine park, we are capable to produce plastic parts up to 10 kgs and max. dimension up to 100 x 100 x 100 cm. Regarding metal parts, we are currently producing assembled parts up to 10 meters heights and weight more than 100kgs.
Do you provide sub-assembly and assembly services?
Integration and assembly is one of our central services at RELIANT INDUSTRIAL. Our modular assembly lines can easily integrate your product with all the needed components and processes. Our assembly line can be used as the base of your project. We will help with the local logistics and supply chain. Communication are more direct; this solution will lighten the management of unnecessary suppliers and consequently save time and money.
Can you give assistance with design?
Our production team includes a design office and the latter works directly with the optimization of your drawings and designs. We provide complete assistance and guidance to make sure the project will run smoothly.
Where do you manufacture tooling and molds?
Almost every tooling and molds are designed and produced in our own factory. Part of it are outsourced to trusted partners which has been regularly working with us. Thanks to our internal mold designer and workshop, we manage easily from design to manufacture.
Is it economic to do plastic injection in China?
Thanks to our five factories in Asia including three in China, we are able to provide a competitive alternative in Asia in terms of production services and injection projects. We stand out by our 5C commitments (Capacity, Compliances, Confidentiality, Competitiveness and Communication).
How do you perform post-treatment operations?
All of our factories has their own dedicated post-treatment workshop where several types of finishing and treatments can be processed. Our Technicians are also regularly developing new types of finishing.
Can you arrange shipping and deliver door-to-door?
Yes, our sales team can take care of the logistics and provide several options and routes for the shipping of your parts. Our logistics staff will guide you with the different conditions of shipping.