Production Injection Molding

Reliant Industrial is presently an important actor in the plastic industry; it has grown into a fully integrated and automated manufacturing facility. This development has been possible with consistent quality services along with satisfied customers and partners. More than an injection molding company, we have integrated complementary custom technologies to fulfill our customer needs. We now produce and export millions of plastic parts, components and finished products every year to worldwide customers.

Our main facility is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, covering more than 11.000 m2 space and is running 24/7. Reliant Industrial Management team is composed of professional members from different cultural backgrounds in order to give accurate and comprehensive two-sided communication experience. Our plastic injection molding service have access to a large choice of thermoplastic and elastomers materials from world-known brands in the plastic industry.

Plastic injection molding sits at the core of our activities with important production means in Asia and China.

Thanks to our 120 professional staffs working from the main factory, we work efficiently with customers from any sectors and countries in their plastic injection projects. Our parts are used in almost every industry: electrical parts, IOT, outdoors and sports, construction, hardware, medical and mechanical parts.

What is plastic injection molding?

Plastic injection molding is the most common manufacturing method for the fabrication of plastic products.

The process of the plastic parts depends on different parameters: the complexity of its shape, its dimension and application among others.

Plastic injection is a methodological production process that requires stability of the material and the parameters to perform the operation well. In order to perform injection molding process, you require the use of an injection molding machine, transforming raw plastic material and finally the mold to shape the material into the desired final state.

The process operates where the raw material is melted in the injection molding machine and is then injected by high pressure into the tooling. The melted material will take the desired shape by filling the mold and then ejected manually or automatically once cooled down and solidified.

Injection molding services
Our Injection Molding Division guarantees technical assistance all along the time of the project to prepare an ideal industrialization of your products. Thanks to our experience, we can handle efficiently series production of plastic parts from pilot orders to mass production of mechanical parts and pieces with a high level of finishing. The timing of production will differ according to the type of mold, the size and complexity of the design.
We currently provide injected parts from 4 to 6 weeks after we have started the first stage of the injection project.

For plastic injection molding project, Reliant Industrial provides you:

  • 11000m² of injection workshop
  • Consistent Quality due to robotized production lines :40 Machines Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic from 60T to 300T
  • Certified Material (RoHS, Reach, UL94-V0, Food Grade, Biocompatibility, etc.…):
  • Traceability of Material and Quality control.
  • Technical and Reactive communication.
  • 24/7 Running Production.
Advantages of plastic injection molding
Plastic Injection Molding Services is the logical choice to mass-produce large volumes of plastic products. Delivery and price are important factors to consider, Reliant Industrial strategy to manufacture in Asia and update into automated production lines goes in this direction. Moreover, combined with our integrated solutions, we reduce drastically logistic time and cost. Reliant Industrial works toward Cost-effective and fast delivery solutions and importantly outstanding product quality to keep on growing.
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Reliant Industrial advantages for plastic injection:

Modern injection machines and equipment to enable complexes parts with strict tolerances

Competitive cost dues to our means of production in Asia

Large choice of material from local and international suppliers

Important production capacity from thousands to millions of pieces produced in a prompt lead-time

Plastic Injected Parts —

Production Injection Molding Workshop

Our workshop is equipped with a complete range of thermoplastic injection presses going from 60 to 800T. We are continuously extending our park machine to handle the production of complex products and be able to offer the latest plastic technologies to our customers. With a fully equipped injection workshop and the flexibility of our teams, we can produce from small series to large volume orders with millions of pieces.

Our team is composed of experts in plastics material engineering with many years of experience.
The team is completed with qualified technicians that comprehend plastic injection operations and parameters to maintain smooth production and ensure the proper functioning of our 24/7 production lines.

Specialist in manufacturing services since 2004, we put quality and standard as our highest priority. We follow a strict quality control process. By using numerous testing equipment, we can perform quality testing at different stages of production.


On top of that, our full report monitors traceability of the material origins and equipment used. The entire information and material are rigidly conserved, maintained and protected.

Production Injection Molding Expertise

Our project management team keeps rigorously track of every procedure of the production. It ensures our customers a smooth working experience while producing in Asia.

From drawings analysis of feasibility (also called moldability or rheology), we can advise and strictly follow customers’ requirements. This analysis is essential as it will help to prevent potential issues and to make the necessary changes before production (position of injection point, wall thickness, parting lines, and so on…).

Our assistance is a complete guidance on the material selection. We make sure to respond to your needs by giving you the necessary technical advices. We will direct your needs and demand according to the parts application.

Feel free to contact us for any suggestions and tips on plastic injection production.