Rapid tooling

As a manufacturing company that provides production services and plastic injection molding, we have at our disposal a fast-production solution under our rapid tooling division.

This is ideal and practical for concept developments or low volume quantity projects.

Reliant Industrial has the expertise and the knowledge to provide high quality products when it comes to plastic injection. Our molds are made of aluminum or steel P20 to guarantee robust tooling resistance for production. The strength of the tooling mold allows to produce few batches in real injection condition and test proper injected material.

Materials Commonly Used

Rapid tooling consists of the production of a mold with faster process and techniques. It is a smart and fast solution to start pilot series or trying new concept without the consequent investment of a traditional plastic injection mold.

Rapid tooling services

With Reliant Industrial Rapid Tooling Services, you will benefit all our plastic injection expertise to manage efficiently your project.
Our rapid tooling team can help you in:

Design for manufacturing analysis and optimization

Rapid tooling production

Fast Injection Production for small series or pilot series

Rapid tooling maintenance

Transition to Plastic Injection Mold

Rapid tooling services

Ideal Solution for low volume

Mold with monitored costs

Fast lead-time : 4 weeks of production

Fully Equipped Rapid Tooling:

Creating a rapid tooling with RELIANT INDUSTRIAL includes features and components. Indeed, our rapid tooling are equipped with:

Several Cavities

Mounted inserts

Heated cores

Manual and Hydraulic sliders

Overmolding possibilities

Others services

Plastic Extrusion

Production injection molding

Rapid prototyping techniques

Metal manufacturing

Post-processing & assembly

We highly recommend Rapid Tooling if your project requires to perform mechanical testing or design validation prior to mass production stage. It is a recommended step to avoid complications in future potential project.

Rapid Tooling Injected Parts

Reliant Industrial provide you rapid tooling services with the same level of consistent quality and guarantees as traditional mass production tooling. Rapid tooling is an economical way to start before developing potential larger projects with us.

Rapid Tooling Workshop
Reliant Industrial Rapid Tooling Division gives professional support with designs, technical and production.

Our project team in product development and prototyping solutions is available to answer your specific needs. We will get you the best insight in terms of techniques, material and finishes providing the best customer experience in terms of product manufacturing.

Our organization and follow-up process will make sure that each step of the production is closely checked and monitored. Our team takes care of the entire project and ensure the delivery of every orders will meet your expectations.