Why choosing Reliant Industrial ?

Main advantages

Reliant Industrial is a fast-growing manufacturing company over the years thanks to the confidence our customers give us.

Reliant Industrial’s 5 commitments —

1. Capacity

Five owned factories with complete control over the entire production chain. Five factories dedicated exclusively on Plastic and Metal production.

2. Compliance

Strong quality process following American and European certifications. Systematic and rigorous quality control.

3. Communication

Our project team will guarantee constant visibility on the entire production project. Communication is the key for a strong partnership.

4. Competitiveness

Five production sites in Asia. Multi-automated and robotized production lines running 24/7. Cost and Time effective Solution.

5. Confidentiality

Customers at our top priority. All the projects are reviewed and discussed internally with respect towards our customers work!

Key figures —


Ningbo (China)


China, Thailand, India

Total Employees

Total Factory Size

Global Turnover

Focused on Quality

Quality assurance is a key part of our production processes and organization. Our sole aim is to provide products that completely satisfy our customer requirements. Each project has different specifications and we attach particular importance at every stage of the production. We proceed with meticulous preparation and during the production, our QC team is affected to full internal quality process and in additional to customer requirements.

Streamlined Organization

RELIANT INDUSTRIAL GROUP: 50 000m² of Production Sites in Asia
Thanks to our five owned factories, we can provide the most suitable and tailored manufacturing services. Every production site is managed by our HQ in Ningbo which is carrying out material purchase, production planning, quality control and time deliveries programs.

Our commercial and technical teams will transfer all necessary information from our customers and coordinate with the production sites. Each factory reports to Ningbo HQ on regular basis. We ensure an efficient work flow between our different production sites to optimize cost and time.

Our supply chain is automated with our internal ERP system; it controls and informs us in real time any current orders progress. The quality control process is strictly followed by our Quality Control Team to assure the best performance of our products. Our internal quality Control is continuously updated and maintained to stay at the latest quality standards.

Our customers —