ODM Manufacturers in China

Reliant Industrial rapidly expands its ODM division since 2002 and the activity continued to extend through Asian countries from 2020. Hopefully, the growth will go on and become even more notorious in a near future.

Our factories are in accordance with the quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 as well as ISO 21004:2006

Our ODM brands

BLHEM : Door & Window Hardware —

The ODM brand BLHEM includes a wide range of hardware parts perfectly fit for door and window. Within this collection, you can find items adaptable for both door and window: Handles, hinges, hooks… made out of plastics (mainly Nylon) and metals (Aluminum and Stainless Steel). Wide choice of finishing and surface treatments options are available.

Our collection offers a complete range of partition or sanitary hardware and is the suitable match for DIY chain stores or construction sector.

Reliant Fixtures: Display and Store Fixtures

The ODM brand Reliant Fixtures is focused on products such as store fixtures and grill parts. Most of these parts are made by wiring forming, metal stamping, tube forming and welding. The whole range of items are basically metal made and consists of: racks, baskets, and hooks, wire shelves as well as BBQ and oven grills.
In particular, our metal shelves items are designed to put forward your own product visibility. Our lines are completely customizable and will allow a personalized and great products display.

Our kits are easy and intuitive to assemble. They are usually found in retail stores, restaurants, public place and hotels.


Our OEM brands

Watsun: Electrical & OEM

The ODM brand WATSUN is an extensive range of Electrical products such as terminal box, switch cover and electrical boxes. Our strength lies in water-resistant outdoor boxes as well as outlets switch boxes. We are one of the leading producers and our products cover more than 25% of the American market. These numbers keep on growing year after year.

The products are very well representative of our company, Reliant Industrial, they are essentially made in different die casting metal assembled with plastic parts. The final product undergoes strict quality control and testing for safety use. Our designs are renewed and improved every year. All the models within the catalog are ready to be produced and delivered rapidly.

Reliant Outdoors: Outdoors and Hunting

The ODM brand Reliant Outdoors was created in 2017. We invested in Research and Development (R&D) and design, we focused on producing complexed and technical products for hunting leisure and outdoor activities. The final product lines are beyond our own and customer expectations!

We are proud to introduce Reliant Outdoors collection and our flagship item: a hunting rotated soundless chair (180° rotation). It was a real challenge to engineer and realize all the mechanical parts of that not so simple chair.

Our collection extends from hunting products to sport fixtures such as garden ware for all the family. These products are whenever possible made with sustainable material and meet all the requirements for test and safety of outdoor conditions.

Cooperate with ODM Manufacturers in China

Using Reliant Industrial as your ODM manufacturer in Asia and especially China will allow you to production time and costs! Use our existing products to extend your activity, bring additional products to your existing products range and get a quick and effective supply of high-quality products.

Advantages for your business

The main advantage of ODM manufacturing lies in a low need of resources for customer to prepare in order to launch a new product. ODM requires a minimum budget regarding product development. The budget and time can be then redirected into more commercial strategies.

On another hand, you will benefit all our expertise and production optimization. As there won’t be any tooling or machinery fees, you obtain competitive rates and therefore a favorable unit price. Our production lines capacity and efficiency are adjusted to each of our ODM products. Our ODM lines are set in an easy and smart way to work with.

We accept personalization of our ODM products, we always appreciate when clients get involved in their products and bring their own personal touch. We welcome creativity and respect every brand identity.

Feel free to contact our ODM experts to get the best insights on product customization.

How to get started?

Prior you decision, you need to ask yourself two questions:

  • What’s my research and development budget for the project?
  • What’s my time-to-market plan and my products delivery time expectations?

Step up and contact us to share your idea and project.
Reliant Industrial welcome every concept and ODM project.

We will conduct feasibility research taking into account every factors and conditions, including budget and delivery timeline. Feel free to contact our ODM team for further information. Our capacity and production means allow us to welcome any interesting potential project

You already made your mind amongst our brands and you are ready to consult us about our products?

Let’s get in contact right away and let us get back to you with professional and tailored solutions for your next product launch!

More Knowledge about ODM Manufacturing

ODM and OEM services are two completely different way of producing and it can be sometimes confusing. Let’s find out more on both of services.

ODM Manufacturers in China vs OEM Manufacturers

When it comes to contract manufacturer or manufacturing services provider, people tend to think first of ODM Manufacturers or OEM contract manufacturing. As a manufacturing company since 2004, Reliant Industrial, through its own design engineering office, has developed several ODM brands for various sectors. We combine our expertise in manufacturing operations and product-design to provide our customer quality solutions and time-to-market efficiency.

What is ODM Manufacturing?

ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer. Our manufacturing company dispose of a range of product designs ready to be produced and available for few personalization to make it with your own personal touch or under your own brand. The most basic modifications known on the market are packaging customization, color branding, material change or whenever possible, adding some features on the product.

Contrary to popular opinion, ODM is not for electronic products only, it is very common in injection-molding sectors as well. For cost and time reasons, ODM services is a good accessible choice to consider.

Using ODM products speed up the production process as the fabrication already occurs at large scale and finished-goods are rapidly ready for shipment. On top of that, the tooling and developing costs are nearly absorbed by our structure. In others words, customer can focus time and budget on commercial sides.

What is OEM Manufacturing?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. The manufacturer will provide its design and manufacturing services to your company in order to create you a personalized product. The design for manufacturing can either be provided by the client itself in order to speed up the process or the factory supply the engineering design service. Our factory is selected as a manufacturing partner that will develop a product tailored to your needs.

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