Case Studies

Every Industrial project has its own challenges. Depending on activity sectors and final use, we have to adapt to the specificities and different conditions of every project. Reliant Industrial has turn into a formidable industrial partner by solving successfully our customers concerns and providing smart solutions.
With our experience and flexibility, we are confident to provide adequate advices and different point of views to accomplish great results. In the following below sections, we share some tips and guides on few interesting and challenging project that we realized.

Mechanical Parts : Our Process

01. Our problematic
Due to the market evolution of specific automobile customization, our customers needed to repeat a purchase of some mechanical metal parts for his automotive machines. His former supplier signed an external deal that blocked him to sell in direct. As he was purchasing regularly that product in the past, he did not feel the need to require any technical documents. The customer was this time stuck as he needed to refill his supplies and he didn’t have access to any drawing or technical information about that product . Customer needed immediate supply.

02. Our approach
As it’s necessary for us to work with CAD (STEP) and 2D drawings to start a project, our approach was to do a reverse engineering. We requested samples from the customer and all the possible information to ensure the full conditions and understand the application of the parts and its requirements. From the reception of the samples, our technical team started working on the replicate from scratch. We started with the drawings and analysis of the feasibility and finally prepare samples production.

03. Our Solution
After confirming all the technical aspects with the customer, we quoted the project and estimated a production schedule. We confirm the right material considering the parts application and life cycle. We started the tooling phase until we produced out few samples that customer tried out in real conditions to ensure its workability. After rigorous testing in real conditions, the results came positive and we carry on to the mass production. We are now supplying this customer with several references in Mechanical Automotive.

01. Our problematic
Electric parts and systems could easily become complicated if you are not familiar with all the standards and safety measures. With our OEM Brand WATSUN, we are currently working with a dozen customers in this activity sector. We are capable to provide assistance and solutions for production.
The customer had issues with a component in his own production line as the system was detecting failures. They couldn’t identify the problem and contacted us for a review.

02. Our approach
After receiving all the components of the electrical system, we inspected the parts in our lab and run a full lab testing. Our inspectors found out that some features were not right and not meeting the final customer standards. A full report and recommendations were sent to the engineering team.

03. Our Solution
The engineering team came with a new plan and made all the necessary amendments on the system and the procedures to meet finally the required standards. After budgeting and planning this new plan with the customer, we explained the solutions in details and inform about smart preventions thanks to our expertise. Our factory was later audited and now supply the electrical parts and assemble the system. We deliver a complete functional product to our satisfied customer.

01. Our problematic
Our customer is specialized in outdoor activities products and focused particularly on the hunting activity. Customer assigned us to the development of a strong and solid chair that can be used under harsh outdoor conditions such as desert, forest, mountains… The other factor is that the chair must have the capacity to rotate silently to up to 180 degrees. The rotation is the most important features of this chair and it requires to keep silent while hunting.

02. Our approach
As the chair is made of strong steel and composed of hard metal parts, there are obviously connections and potential creaking sounds. Our engineering team worked relentlessly to adjust the mechanism in order to make it totally silent. Load of parts as to be replaced and changed to achieve that goal.

03. Our Solution
We worked and built several prototypes per metal assembly section to find out the best combination until we conclude with satisfying soundless sections. Then we had to test corresponding finishing and treatments per metal parts to ensure the complete system would achieve the result we need. We ran full testing on every part and different kind of outdoor conditions. The customer was delighted by our work, he knew that it was quite the challenge and had several different suppliers trying to develop the chair at the same time. Since then, we became our customer 1st choice for product development.
In terms of equipment and engineering, this is a very fine piece of metal work!

We work on many sectors and we grow our expertise along the years thanks to the trust of our clients.