Plastic manufacturing —

Plastic Manufacturing is at the core of our production services. We have over the years extended our machine park and developed alongside new production sites in Asia. Recently, our expansion continues with the launch of two new production units in India and Thailand.
Our strength lies in our capacity of production for large volume projects and our flexibility to adapt to specific requirements for products development.

Rapid Prototyping Techniques

Having expert knowledge of plastic parts production, we provide at the same time various rapid prototyping services to fit different budgets and specific needs. If your timeline is imperative, we can recommend faster solutions according your necessity.

Rapid Tooling

As a manufacturing company that provides production services and plastic injection molding, we have at our disposal a fast-production solution under our rapid tooling division.
This is ideal and practical for concept developments or low volume quantity projects.

Plastic Injection Molding

Reliant Industrial is presently an important actor in the plastic industry; it has grown into a fully integrated and automated manufacturing facility. This development has been possible with consistent quality services along with satisfied customers and partners. More than an injection molding company, we have integrated complementary custom technologies to fulfill our customer needs. We now produce and export millions of plastic parts, components and finished products every year to worldwide customers.

Plastic Extrusion

RELIANT INDUSTRIAL provides a full manufacturing services for plastic materials.
Since 2004, we have been exporting extruded plastic profiles all over the world. Our Extrusion machine fleet is composed of 8 plastic extrusion machines, including 4 atypical tri-injection extrusion machines. We can be your next partner for high-volume custom plastic extrusion products.

Metal Manufacturing —

The Metal Manufacturing Division was created in 2008. It was an important and logical expansion to accompany our growing industrial customers and partners. We deal today with countless industrial projects that includes metal and plastic at the same time. To have metal and plastic solutions under the same roof allow us to supply consistent quality parts, to control lead time and offer cost effective solutions. From our client perspectives, professional and technical assistance come from only one and unique supplier.

Die Casting

The DIE CASTING division was a logical expansion in order to answer more complexed projects that combines both metal and plastic parts.
We have at our disposal a complete full die-casting plant which includes 3 own in-house foundries and a molding workshop. We melt our metal in our high temperature furnaces. We ensure full control of metal quality and raw materials traceability. Molding development are adjusted in our workshop which allows us to optimize the tooling instantly and speed up production process and samples lead time.

Metal Stamping

Reliant Industrial METAL STAMPING division was founded in 2009 due to constant growing demands of metal products from our worldwide partners. We gradually completed our metal activities and achieve today an entire metal manufacturing services: from bending, cutting to shearing, welding, coating.
Our latest investments include a full enclosure laser cutting machine and several 5-axis automated welding systems.

Metal Extrusion

With the collaboration of several partners, Reliant Industrial METAL EXTRUSION division was created in 2009. With growing demands of metal works we invested on a full extrusion setup.
The division currently employs 30 permanent experimented technicians dedicated to production.

Metal Wire Shelving

METAL WIRE SHELVING, or also known as wire decking or ventilated shelving, consists of wire mesh supported by metal supports. Reliant industrial developed a whole range of metal wire shelving finished products.
Our metal wire shelving division for industrial application consists of steel wire, used for the decking and for the support.

Post-processing & Assembly —

Post-processing services

RELIANT INDUSTRIAL is equipped with numerous finishing workshops in order to add post-processing operations on plastic and metals parts. We are organized internally with all the necessary equipment to provide semi-finished and finished parts.

Assembly and Integration

Reliant Industrial has been founded based on an integrated manufacture. We combine multi-production services and offer optimized products fabrication. Our strength lies in our possibility to produce plastic and metal parts and then assemble those parts through our multiple assembling lines all within a unique factory.
Our digital system monitors the entire process from assembly and control to packaging. Our qualified team planned the assembly lines according to the production time of every parts composing the final product. We control the quality and the delivery time instantly without relying on any unnecessary intermediary.


Reliant Industrial has been able to grow at such a rapid pace thanks to its customer and partners.
In less than a decade, Reliant Industrial is conveyed through 5 large factories and offers multi-manufacturing services. Satisfied customers and long-term business partnership have been one of the key success of this development.

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