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Rapid Prototyping at RELIANT INDUSTRIAL

Having expert knowledge of plastic parts production, we provide at the same time various rapid prototyping services to fit different budgets and specific needs. If your timeline is imperative, we can recommend faster solutions according your necessity.
Reliant Industrial staff teams include manufacturing experts with years of experience to ensure great realization of your project. The following techniques will give you more flexibility in the design and access to various types of plastic materials and finishings.
Our team will help you and coordinate all the operation to make easy and convenient to get started.

3D Printing

For a first approach in product development, 3D printing might be the 1st solution that comes in mind. Equipped with 3D printers to print plastic and metals parts, we can provide you 3D printing services for design validation or mechanical testing for those who cannot wait to get the tests done!

Within our machine parc, we dispose of

One SLA printer

One SLSDS printer for metal sintering.

CNC Machining

We are equipped with CNC machines in order to create amongst others our mold and components. Obviously our CNC machines can be used on small series production for plastic and metal parts.

Vacuum Casting

Vacuum casting is our smart solution to work small series up to 200 parts by using top quality imported materials (usually from Japan, Korea, USA, France). We achieve good performance within an incredible short time. The process allows the plastic parts to be created even faster than rapid tooling services. Vacuum casting consist of an injection of polyurethane material under low pressure into a silicon mold.

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