Reliant Industrial – Metal Manufacturing Services

The Metal Manufacturing Division was created in 2008. It was an important and logical expansion to accompany our growing industrial customers and partners. We deal today with countless industrial projects that includes metal and plastic at the same time.

To have metal and plastic solutions under the same roof allow us to supply consistent quality parts, to control lead time and offer cost effective solutions. From our client perspectives, professional and technical assistance come from only one and unique supplier.

Communication is the success key to develop strong and long-term partnerships in our industrial world.

Our competences include

Die casting

We have at our disposal a complete full die-casting plant which includes 3 own in-house foundries and a molding workshop. Consistent quality, control of lead time and cost efficiency were the reasons to develop our own in-house metal die casting production.

Our Die Casting factory spreads on a working surface of 5000m2 and employs 20 permanent metallurgy technicians. We deal mainly with aluminum alloy, Zinc alloys and Zamak. Our production capacity output reach up 15000 metal parts per month. We are equipped with 3 automated foundries that ensure maximum safety and consistent quality. We pay very high attention to the finishing of our metal parts and thus our Metal Die Casting division is composed of diverse tools and machines to clean, polish and treat the surface.

Examples of Die Casting —

Metal Extrusion

With the collaboration of several partners, Reliant Industrial METAL EXTRUSION division was created in 2009. With growing demands of metal works we invested on a full extrusion setup. The division currently employs 30 permanent experimented technicians dedicated to production.

Steel and Aluminum alloy are our main materials. Reliant Industrial operates currently with 6 metal extrusion production lines with regular maintenance and strict safety standards.
Our Extrusion capacity can reach daily up to 5000 meters of metal profiles.

Examples of Metal extrusion —

Metal Stamping

Reliant industrial built a manufacture plant based in the City of Jiaxing. 4 buildings totaling a surface of 12000m2 composed the actual metal and steel production site. In addition to the manufacturing space, our design office works closely with our engineers and technician staffs to assure the feasibility of every project in terms of quality and technicality.

We welcome any metal customized fabrication parts or OEM. We have at our disposal all the metal stamping basic equipment as well as dedicated automated robots. Combination or assembly with plastic parts is one of our strong assets. Our plastic/metal solution facilitate the process by working with one and unique supplier, consequently gaining time and money.

Examples of Metal stamping —

Metal Wire Shelving

METAL WIRE SHELVING, or also know as wire decking or ventilated shelving, consists or wire mesh supported by metal supports. Reliant industrial developed a whole range of metal wire shelving finished products.

Our metal wire shelving division for industrial application consists of steel wire, used for the decking and for the support.

Examples of Metal wire shelving —

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