Quality & Organization

50 000m² of Production Sites in Asia

Thanks to our five owned factories, we can provide the most suitable and tailored manufacturing services. Every production site is managed by our HQ in Ningbo which is carrying out material purchase, production planning, quality control and time deliveries programs.

Our commercial and technical teams will transfer all necessary information from our customers and coordinate with the production sites. Each factory reports to Ningbo HQ on regular basis. We ensure an efficient work flow between our different production sites to optimize cost and time.

Our supply chain is automated with our internal ERP system; it controls and informs us in real time any current orders progress. The quality control process is strictly followed by our Quality Control Team to assure the best performance of our products. Our internal quality Control is continuously updated and maintained to stay at the latest quality standards.

Since production requires rigorous management and systematic process, we are continuously updating and modernizing our organization structure within our factory to maintain top standards. Our Quality and Process teams are regularly trained and taught in our several production sites.

Reliant Industrial is a moving forward company and doing its best to maintain a constant growth by building new production units and acquire new technologies and equipment. To achieve that we build strong partnership with our customers and we focus on the supply of high-quality products and efficient organization.

How is the group organized?

Ningbo HQ operates and instructs all the production units in Asia. Production will then be conveyed to the corresponding factory following type of order, volume and customer requirements.

1. Client RFQ

2. HQ in Ningbo

3. Production planning


Ningbo factory

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Shaoxing Factory

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Jiaxing Factory

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Factory in Chon Buri Province

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Quality Management

RELIANT INDUSTRIAL Group is in accordance with the quality management system in compliance with:

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 21004:2006

Reliant Industrial’s 5 commitments —

1. Capacity

Five owned factories with complete control over the entire production chain. Five factories dedicated exclusively on Plastic and Metal production.

2. Compliance

Strong quality process following American and European certifications. Systematic and rigorous quality control.

3. Communication

Our project team will guarantee constant visibility on the entire production project. Communication is the key for a strong partnership.

4. Competitiveness

Five production sites in Asia. Multi-automated and robotized production lines running 24/7. Cost and Time effective Solution.

5. Confidentiality

Customers at our top priority. All the projects are reviewed and discussed internally with respect towards our customers work!

Quality Process

For any projects, we perform per default 7 important steps of quality control minimum. Customers can add any quality control stages and/or any testing requirements and Reliant Industrial will make sure to comply with it.

Quality Control Process and Steps performed at RELIANT:


1. Control & Traceability of the materials


2. Machine and Equipment Control & Calibration


3. Tooling and Mold Control Points


4. Inspection on Parts


5. Assembly Control


6. Testing Controls


7. Packaging inspection

Reviews of satisfied customers —

Reliant Industrial put high importance on product quality. We fully understand that every solid and long-term partnership are built on our capacity to provide excellent product and services. We put great efforts on reliable and transparent communication to achieve a solid relationship.

I’m glad to be working with RELIANT for more than 6 years now. I used to have several suppliers before and the communication was kinda complicated. I really like their integration methods and their unlimited alternative. They are a great partner to our company!

Jonathan Sadlier, Manufacturing Chief Engineer

For my products, I need very strict tolerances and the finishing must be perfect. In terms of rendering, the result is always very satisfying they are a trustworthy supplier.

Peter Otteni, Mechanical Engineer

For my yearly procuration plan, I have a very tight schedule and I was prepared for the worst. Since I started working with Reliant Industrial, the logistics became way easier and I truly enjoy a fully transparent communication with them. There is no crisis situation with them as they will guarantee production and prevent in advance potential issues.
Francesco Di Natale, Purchasing Manager

Knowing that they were building a factory in my country motivated me to start working with them. We have launched some production in China and we are slowly moving the production lines to India where we will get delivered faster and we’re even welcome in their factory at any time.
Rajesh Punari, Mechanical Architect