Plastic Manufacturing

Plastic Manufacturing is at the core of our production services. We have over the years extended our machine park and developed alongside new production sites in Asia. Recently, our expansion continues with the launch of two new production units in India and Thailand.

Our strength lies in our capacity of production for large volume projects and our flexibility to adapt to specific requirements for products development.

Our plastic manufacturing activity Key Numbers

In 2020, RELIANT INDUSTRIAL has worked on:


Plastic Injection mold developed and maintained internally


Injection Machines running 24/7 from 60T to 300T

5 000 000 pcs

plastic parts produced


molding process and Bi-injection


Projects in plastic manufacturing


Satisfied customers worldwide

Rapid Prototyping

Having expert knowledge of plastic parts production, we provide at the same time various rapid prototyping services to fit different budgets and specific needs. If your timeline is imperative, we can recommend faster solutions according your necessity.
Reliant Industrial staff teams include manufacturing experts with years of experience to ensure great realization of your project. The following techniques will give you more flexibility in the design and access to various types of plastic materials and finishings.
Our team will help you and coordinate all the operation to make easy and convenient to get started.
Our Advantages
Different possibilities of Rapi Prototyping solutions:

  • 3D Printing we dispose of – one SLA printer – one SLSDS printer for metal sintering.
  • CNC Machining: our CNC machines can be used on small series production for plastic and metal parts.
  • Vacuum Casting: Vacuum casting is our smart solution to work small series up to 200 parts by using top quality imported materials.
Key Numbers
  • More than 50 Materials and finishing
  • 2 Rapid Prototyping Experts
  • 10 Qualified technicians
  • Fast delivery: Parts available from 5 days

Examples of Rapid Prototyping —

Rapid Injection Molding

Our rapid tooling production service is the perfect complement for product development and/or testing new concept in real conditions. Our modern 11000m2 workshop and machines have the ability to supply top-quality plastic injection molding.
This technology allows:

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • New Product introduction
  • Small series production volumes
Our Advantages
Rapid tooling is our made to measure solution to grant you top-class mass production. Efficiency and Excellence are our motto. We follow up every step of the developments and can work under rigid delivery conditions.
Key Numbers
  • 5 in-house Engineers for Design & Product development
  • 2 Experts in Rapid Prototyping technologies
  • Customer best choice for product development
  • 100+ New products launched per year

Examples of Rapid Injection Molding —

Plastic injection molding

Starting from design stage, our technical design team can provide a free design analysis for Manufacturability (DFM). Our knowledge includes tips and guidance on how to optimize design with the controlled costs.

Experimented technicians working on the die casting moldWide

Requires a Special Assembly Line for your project?
We put customers’ project in the center of our priority, we can offer personalized production lines. From manual to fully automatic lines, we have the experience to setup your own customized production line. This reduces the number of suppliers and speed up the communication and fabrication.
Need some personalized production?

With our fully automatic plastic injection production lines in-house, we give you the finest assistance possible for your future industrial projects. Our process allows you to produce customs parts under fast lead-time. Our services can also be referred as on-demand manufacturing. By following strictly the BOM and the drawings, we provide assistance from part analysis and optimization. Our design team will follow your project closely and give you all the needed assistance with your CAD drawings. We will provide optimization and make sure of product feasibility. We accompany you through all the production steps from material selection, part analysis, tooling manufacture, plastic injection molding to quality control and international logistics.
We work with a wide range of plastic materials from top local raw suppliers as well as imported plastic from Korea, USA, and Singapore. We are able to provide the best material for any application. Nowadays, most daily plastic products are produced via injection molding technology.

Our Advantages?
RELIANT INDUSTRIAL is the answer for large volume production over the world. With our three sites for plastic injected parts, we can assume large volume projects coupled to a 24/7 production. We are very flexible in terms of projects complexity, size and price aspects. We are confident about our production capacity and our technical knowhow to accomplish any plastic projects. And overall, we are looking for reliable long-term partners for manufacturing services.
All the production sites for plastic injection are equipped with Automatic production lines running 24/7 to accomplish fast production.
These automatized lines allow us to guarantee:

  • Consistent Quality (Better time management and robot quality)
  • Cost-Effective Price (A continuous running line permit parts produced at the best rate)
  • Volume Capacity (Automatic lines permits high-volume production produced faster)
Key Numbers
  • 80 employees in the plastic manufacturing department
  • 10 person in Quality Control for 7 control all along the production
  • 5 000 000 parts produced
Our Commitments
  • ISO9001:2008 certified production and preparation of TFE
  • Standard tolerances conformed to DIN-2768-1-fine.

Examples of Plastic injection molding —

Plastic extrusion

Reliant Industrial offers a complete setup to provide plastic extrusion. We dispose of an fleet of 6 extrusion production lines included a bi-extrusion machine.
We can deal with most of basic materials such as PVC, PC, PE, and ABS and so on.

Our Main Advantage?

Our storage and logistic solutions can accommodate your products which can be plastic profiles up to 12m+ long. With a surface of 6000m², our plastic extrusion division get through from raw material purchase, large volume production to storage. Our facilities can be used to your advantages for storing and preparing next batch supply. Reliant Industrial is continuously expending and growing its production space to meet any demand.

Key Numbers
  • 6000m² of Plastic Extrusion production area
  • Wide range of Materials
  • 20 Projects of mass production for extrusion
  • 6 extrusion production lines
  • 1 bi-plastic extrusion line

Examples of Plastic Extrusion —

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