RELIANT INDUSTRIAL provides a full manufacturing services for plastic materials.
Since 2004, we have been exporting extruded plastic profiles all over the world. Our Extrusion machine fleet is composed of 8 plastic extrusion machines, including 4 atypical tri-injection extrusion machines. We can be your next partner for high-volume custom plastic extrusion products.

From the initial stage of the DFM (design for manufacturing) to the international logistics, our team will provide advices for design optimization by relying on their technical knowledge on custom plastic extrusion production. We will focus on improving the design to ensure feasibility and maintains a competitive production cost.

We can work with flexible or rigid customs tubing products.

Among others, we can supply the following plastic extrusion methods:

Custom plastic profile extrusion products

Customized Tubing

Custom-made piping

More products on-demand

Bi-injection extrusion plastic

RELIANT INDUSTRIAL can produce plastic profiles for any application or sector by following your needs and requirements. Our experience over the years allows us to handle complex design and our production capacity is suitable for high volume production.

Our molding Workshop

Our plastic extrusion workshop contains 6 plastic extrusion machines on a total of 6000m² of production plant. Following our management and capacity of production, we are able to extrude large volume of plastic profiles as well as dedicated one or several machines for smaller series production or samples development.

Our vast warehouse has been designed specifically to store extruded plastic parts indoor. Some of our finished plastic profiles can reach up 6 meters long and appropriate space is required.

Our storage zone can stock properly your extruded parts and ready for shipment anytime.

Other services

Production injection molding

Rapid injection molding

Rapid prototyping techniques

Metal manufacturing

Post-processing & assembly

Plastic Extrusion Workshop

Plastic Extrusion Parts —

Plastic extrusion expertise

For your custom plastic extrusion project, you can select between the following materials and finishings:


The plastic extrusion materials are classified according their properties and their costs. We distinguish different categories: commodity plastics, engineering grade plastics and high-performance plastics. At this moment, our technologies specialized and focused on the following two:

  • Commodity Plastics :
    PP / PE / PVC
  • Engineering Grade Plastics:
    TPE / PC / PA / ABS

Finishing for plastic extrusion products

Our Plastic Extrusion Division offers different products finishing to adapt to the use of final customer. Different finishing process and formula are generated from the use of special additives and particular modification of the extrusion processes.

The finishing process is complex and technical, we collected years of experience as a plastic extruder. Thus, we are able to suggest the adequate plastic finishing for any industrial use.
Extruded Plastics Finishing available on-demand:

  • Matte finishing
  • Grained Finishing
  • Low Gloss Finishing
  • High Gloss Finishing
  • Wood Grain finishing (We use special additives to provides a wood-like rendering)
  • Metal Finishing
  • Textured finishing to prevent the marking of fingerprints
  • Colored finishing
  • Light-diffusing additives

Our list is non-exhaustive and more finish options can be required on demand. Get in touch for our extrusion experts to get a complete insight in the extrusion production process.