Launch your rapid prototype project with vacuum casting

Launching a new product, concept on the market can be a long, risky and costly mission in terms of development. Indeed, the production of plastic injection mold is a mandatory step but which requires a fairly substantial production time depending on the number of tooling’s necessary for the realization of your final product. The time to market for your product may therefore be delayed or extended depending on the time taken to finalize these molds.

How to overcome this delay and what solutions to launch first sales for your products?

Our rapid prototyping methods can allow you to quickly receive your plastic and metal parts with finishes.
The most suitable and effective method for launching pre-series is vacuum casting.

Vacuum casting or also called vacuum duplication is a fast and economical manufacturing process compared to plastic injection molding with prototype tools.
This design process involves low pressure injection of Poly Urethane material into silicone molds.

We recommend vacuum casting for order batches ranging from 20 to 200 pieces which will be delivered to your address in light-speed times.

What are the advantages of producing by vacuum casting?

To produce in vacuum casting, we need to produce a first master part (in 3D printing or in machining) which will then allow us to create a silicone mold necessary for the duplication of parts.

A silicone mold can withstand up to 20 prints before being recycled, which is why we advise you to order in batches of 20 pieces in order to optimize the use of each mold as well as possible.

The main advantage is that you have functional prototypes allowing you to test your products in several versions according to the different feedbacks you have on each product.

You can therefore develop your product quickly while marketing it and record first sales thanks to these first versions produced.

Different standards for different types of application

We have many polyurethane resins available for different types of application. The brands of the materials we use for vacuum casting have several standards and certificates:
– Food Standard (Elastomer Polyurethanes with Japanese standard)
– UL94 V0 standard
– UV resistance
– Resistance to high heat

You can also take advantage of our own finishing workshop to obtain parts that reflect your company and/or brand thanks to our different color and finish options.
We can also print your logos by pad printing or ink transfer to best personalize.

In order to better discuss your project and your product launch, we invite you to contact one of our consultants.

We have supported hundreds of companies in their prototyping projects.

Some of them have decided to continue working with our factory for the industrialization of their products in larger quantities.

Do you have a project and are you looking for an available and accessible partner? Consult us today to launch your product as soon as possible on the market!